Will sleep hypnosis work for your anxiety?

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The verdict is in and, yes, hypnosis does work!

And there's a lot of really good science to back that up!

  David Spiegel, at Stanford University, scans the brain of someone in a hypnotic trance, monitoring blood flow patterns. The test subject is looking at a black and white object. The suggestion is given the object is brightly colored, and the area of the brain responsible for color perception lights up, another success. Hypnosis has worked to drastically change this person's perceptions.   

  I'm delighted every time I come across another study confirming hypnosis, meditation, cognitive therapy, or self directed neuroplasticity, is working to improve the lives of so many who had previously been suffering. I'm a big fan of all of these approaches and include them in my recordings.  

  Sleep hypnosis uses guided meditation and intense relaxation to lead a willing subject (it won't work if you are not willing) into a trance like state of higher awareness that is pleasant, and ideal for getting ready for a long, sound sleep. Attention is focused so anything happening in any other time or place is blocked out or ignored, and gentle suggestions, or exercises on relaxation are introduced to help relieve symptoms of anxiety, while you are listening, and in the time to come as well.  This is a naturally occurring state most people experience while doing something interesting and relaxing, but often have a hard time achieving at bedtime if they suffer from anxiety or insomnia.  

  I don't think It would be appropriate to explore any difficult, or unpleasant thoughts, feelings, or memories in a sleep hypnosis recording. This is a time to relax and have fun while you fall asleep, so things are kept to what is positive, happy, pleasant, and relaxing. Hypnosis can help people perceive things differently, so it is best to explore what it is like to move your perceptions from what may cause you to feel anxious to what will foster inner strength, courage, and tranquility.  

  Something happens to the brain when someone is hypnotized that doesn't happen ordinarily, as brain scans have shown. I like to keep these changes happy, relaxed, positive, and calm, remembering, of course, nothing happens without your consent and approval, which you are able to withdraw at any time. You are the one ultimately in control. The power is always to remain where it belongs, and that is with you.  

  I prefer suggestion therapy as opposed to analysis because the why of what is bothering you isn't as important as what you can do about it to feel better as quickly as possible.  This is about personal empowerment, and  learning to manage your own symptoms. Hypnotherapy has been  proven effective when dealing with anxiety. Many have been cured of their anxiety, fears, and phobias. 

  The hypnotic state allows a person to be more open to suggestion and can improve the effectiveness of other treatments, and this is the part where I say I'm not claiming to be the be all, or end all, of anything for everyone. This works well for many people, but I am not a qualified professional, so I will not assume to replace or contradict anyone. If your symptoms are severe or you are in crisis, please take care of yourself and get the help you need. You might need more help than just my videos. 


  My SEO tool is telling me this page is a little short, so I am going to add something here that might be very helpful to you if you suffer from anxiety. It's something I noticed about myself years ago, and it made a huge difference in my ability to manage and control my anxiety levels. 

 I already knew upsetting or fearful thoughts could trigger an anxiety attack and I was to notice when I was having a frightening thought, so I could replace it with a secure thought. This day, several years ago, I noticed something else that changed things for the better for me. 

  I remember it very clearly. I was on my way into the kitchen before work and thinking I had just enough time to tidy up the breakfast mess before putting on my uniform and going to work. My uniform was ready to go, I had plenty of time, and I wasn't thinking anything that would make me nervous. Then I noticed I was a little bit shaky. 

 I thought "I'm shaking again. Why is this happening to me? What if there's something really wrong with me? What if I'm still shaking when I get to work and my boss thinks I can't handle my job?" Then I stopped myself because I had an epiphany.  My brain may talk to my body and cause anxiety, but the conversation was going both ways! My blood sugar might have been a little low, or maybe my nervous system had been so hyped up for so long it would just throw an attack at me out of the blue. 

 I thought "I'm not shaking because I'm upset. I'm upset because I'm shaking."

 I took this thought with me and payed attention to my symptoms, and sure enough, if I payed close attention, I could spot those times my nervous system was misfiring. I would do some belly breathing, relax on purpose, and refuse to get upset about it. Other people might, but I knew if I did I would only be perpetuating the cycle. 

  If someone did call attention to this and point out I was shaky, I'd just smile and say "Sometimes I shake" very matter of factly dismissing the subject as quickly as possible. 

  The shaking didn't go away right away, but my anxiety about it calmed down immensely. It turned out I had a hereditary predisposition to tremors, using alcohol to help me deal with it was making it worse, as was my anxiety about my symptoms. I'm alcohol free today and practice meditation. The tremors are greatly improved and not really a problem for me anymore. 

 I think I'm telling you about this because knowing to spot when I was having a random, not thought induced, attack of anxiety symptoms, doing some quick tricks like belly breathing, relaxing on purpose, and clearing my mind,  and then telling myself that working myself up over it would make it worse, saved me a lot of pain while I figured out the real reason for my shakiness. 

 Please forgive my lack of  professionalism as joke about how my SEO tool should be happy with my word count by now. I like to keep things friendly and personal. 

  And one more thing. This website is a work in progress and I will be adding to it from time to time so please come back and visit often. There is lots of good stuff planned for future pages.